It was artist John Maxx who, along with Florin Dobre, formed the Radical Ink Hall on April 11, 2011. The studio was still on Stirbei Voda Street until in March of 2014. And then, with the aim of taking on larger projects, it moved to Vasile Lascar Street where the team got bigger.

John’s idea was to elevate the art of tattoo in Romania to a superior level, both in terms of design creativity and in execution. Today, Radical Ink is home to a team of the best tattoo artists and designers living in Romania.


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John Maxx / Artist / Founder

John Maxx has been practicing tattoo art since 2001. He travels extensively to conventions around the world. He is a respected representative of Kwadron, Sorry MoM and Lithuanian Irons, and is well known for his collaborations as a frequent guest artist in body art shows around Europe.

Over the years, John’s developed style has come to be characterized by his exceptional finesse in the creation of realistic Black & Gray tattoos. John creates and designs exceptional pieces that illustrate his undeniable qualities as a craftsman and incorporate unexpected elements of Renaissance art; symbolism; portraits; and dark art.

Florin Dobre / Studio Manager

Florin Dobre has been managing the Radical Ink studio since 2011. His job is to make sure the day-to-day operations of the studio run smoothly, which is sometimes not an easy task! Besides taking care of supplies and purchase orders, organizing customer appointments, plus taking care of the artist’s busy schedules, Florin’s main task is to keep everyone happy. Go, Florin, go!

Zaed / Artist

Edward Ciocodeica, under the name of ZAED, has been working in this field since 2006 when, after finishing his musical studies, he has decided to embrace this art. After a few years in the branch, he began to focus on more complex works, being more attracted to the photorealistic style. Nowadays, he is dedicated exclusively to this style, trying to perfect his technique as much as possible and at the same time to bring a personal touch to the black and gray or color works.

Florin Stanciu / Artist

Born on January 25, 1989, in Pitesti, with passion for drawing, I began to play with tattoos somewhere in 2008 when I did my first tattoo with an improvised device. Professionally I started working in 2013, when I managed to work at professional studios in Germany and England. I am currently glad to be part of the Radical Ink team. I like realistic color tattoos and BlackAndGrey.

Cezar / Artist

With some experience in drawing and a lot of passion, Cezar Burcus has begun a beautiful road to tattoo art along with the Radical Ink family. In time he has perfected his graphic styles, line work, dot work and black work. A pleasant and benevolent yarn makes the experience of a tattoo as pleasant as possible.