Bucharest Tattoo Salon

As a form of self-expression, nothing is more powerful than a tattoo. Tattoos reveal to the world who you are, who you once were and sometimes even who you still hope to become. They tell stories of past adventures and create a decorative record of your most important moments.

The ink on your body is a public proclamation of your deep passion for everything you love about your life and the extraordinary people who share, or have shared it with you. Tattoos exhibit your attitude towards the environment and can express your own very personal opinions about what living on our planet means.

But tattoo art isn’t just ‘on’ the skin. It is ‘in’ your skin, and as such a tattoo becomes part of your being. Just like your soul.


At Radical Ink, tattoos are more than merely a job–they are our way of life. We’re just as passionate about creating and executing beautiful designs, exquisitely applied to your skin, as you are about wearing them. But we also understand that a large part of getting a tattoo has to do with trust.

Your first tattoo can be challenging. Most first-time ink fans have a million questions running through their heads. For instance, how badly will it hurt? How much does it cost? Is there a risk of infection? Will my tattoo look great when it’s done? What happens if I don’t like it?

As highly skilled, trained, and experienced tattoo artists, we at Radical Ink always take the time to talk to our clients. And when required, we walk them through the entire process– from choosing the right tattoo, which part of the body it can be best applied, sterilization of tools and workplace, all the way through to the aftercare necessary to make your tattoo last and look great for years to come.

But we don’t just talk, we listen too, and are more than happy to answer all your queries regarding any and all aspects of body art.


Besides the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere, the first thing you’ll notice about our studio in Vasile Lascar Street is cleanliness. And that’s precisely the way it should be. We take our client’s health and safety very seriously, and everything we do has been tried and tested, and proven to meet the most stringent standards of hygiene set down and controlled by the Ministry of Health.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, too.

From individual, pre-packed needles, sterilization machines and specially marked bins for the proper disposal of hazardous waste, single-use rubber or plastic caps for each client, correctly labeled pigments, the tattoo machine itself and even the chair the client sits in: everything here is the very best the tattoo industry has to offer.


If you’re looking for a completely safe and spotlessly clean tattoo studio in Bucharest, with premium execution and beautiful designs from true artists who have ink rather than blood pumping through their veins, then pop in and see us at our studio in 196 Vasile Lascar Street. You can call us and make an appointment on +40723158166, or send us an email at radicalink11@gmail.com.

Let’s talk about putting ink in your skin.

Excellent experience. Very professional and great artists. I came here for Zaed and the result was incredible.
Study 100% recommended. Thank you
I traveled from Belgium for Zaed.
Super professional people and everyone super friendly.
For me, Zaed is an artist on a world level.
I wouldn't want to get a tattoo anywhere else!
Thanx all of you for your gut words
Top professionals, artists in the true sense of the word!


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