Tattoo aftercare


Once your tattoo is complete, there are few things you can do to make sure it heals fast, heals properly, and causes you as little discomfort as possible. The right care from the moment you leave the studio can make all the difference and help your tattoo stay looking as good and fresh as the day you first got it.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and not everyone will heal at the same pace, which is why it’s especially important to listen to the advice your tattoo artist when you leave the studio.

Here are 10 expert tips to make sure your tattoo heals the right way:


When your ink work is complete, the artist will usually apply a light ointment and wrap it in some kind of thin plastic sheet. You should only remove the wrap two 4 hours after you get home.



After you’ve removed the wrap, you’ll probably notice that your new tattoo feels a little bit slimy and looks a tad shiny. This is just excess plasma, ointment and possibly a small amount of blood, and is perfectly normal. Simply leave the tattoo exposed for an hour or two to dry off.



Once your tattoo has had a chance to dry, it’s quite safe to take a shower, but there are three things you should remember. First, make sure your hands are completely clean. You will be touching the tattoo so you must ensure you are not putting any dirt on it. Second, keep the water temperature about half as warm as usual and don’t stay in the shower for longer than a few minutes. Third, use low, or even better, completely alcohol-free soaps.



In timp ce sunteti in dus, foarte usor indepartati excesul de plasma de pe tatuaj. Nu trebuie sa va fie frica sa il atingeti chiar daca simtiti ca va doare. Folositi degetele sa va asigurati ca este complet curatat.



Using a clean towel, softly pat your tattoo dry. Do not rub!



When your tattoo is nice and dry, it’s time to apply a thin layer of antibacterial cream. Any mild cream that can be used for nappy rash, cuts, stings, and sunburn is okay, but if you’re in doubt ask your tattoo artist which cream he or she would recommend. Don’t apply the cream too thick as this will only clog your pores and slow the healing process.



Depending on which part of your body you have your tattoo, you will want to think about the type of clothing you wear. At this early stage, the less contact your ink has with anything, the better, and this includes clothing and even your hands. Opt for soft, baggy clothing that lets in air and keeps rubbing to a minimum.



During the next week to ten days, you should apply the cream three times a day. This is best done after you’ve had a shower and before you go to work or last thing at night before bed. Also, take a tube with you when you go out so you can apply it during the day.

Resist scratching


Let’s face it; your new tattoo is going to itch. But whatever you do, don’t scratch! Scratching is possibly the worst thing you can do. If it gets really bad you should try gently rubbing the ink with your fingertips or rubbing it gently through a soft item of clothing.

Avoid sunlight



Exposing your tattoo to strong, direct sunlight is something you really should avoid. This can be difficult, especially in warm weather, so if you do go out remember to keep your fresh ink covered or use sunscreen. Swimming, bathing, or otherwise soaking your tattoo is something else that you should hold off until it’s completely healed.

After about three weeks your tattoo should feel like it’s just another piece of your normal skin. There should be no more scabbing or itching and no more dead skin. But if you want to enjoy your tattoo for as long as possible you should try to get into the habit of applying a light cream or bio oil to your ink on a daily basis. This will prolong the quality of your tattoo and make sure the colors and definition last longer, and your artwork stays vibrant and attractive for years to come.